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Henna Design The Canes of the Legendary Nadia Gamal Henna Design

Nadia Gamal's Canes
Nadia Gamal's canes, "#1 (bottom) and "#2" (top)

It was a matter of being in the right place at the right time. I became aware of a website selling off the late Nadia Gamal's dance estate sometime around 2004 if I remember correctly.

All sorts of things were for sale, several sets of Zills, these canes, and several costumes. I bought both of her canes. If one watches the DVD Nadia Gamal, The Legend, one of the featured performances shows Nadia dancing a energetic Sai'idi cane number with one of these two canes - most likely the one I've dubbed "#1" as "#2" has a slight bend in it.

Nadia Gamal's Canes
Screen shot from the above referenced DVD: Nadia Gamal dancing with one of these canes.

I'm told by my Belly Dance elders that this type of cane is no longer made - and that's a shame as they are very lightweight yet very tough, apparently balsa wood. Nadia's energy is still in them as they'll twirl like the wind and pretty much take care of themselves, leaving me free to concentrate on my dancing! I've kept them exactly as Nadia left them, with electrical tape on their crooks and handholds. As I am considerably taller than the diminutive Nadia was, the canes are technically too short for me - but I adapt!

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