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Sewing Machine
I could have bought something like this, but I didn't!

This page isn't like the piano page for two reasons:

1) It actually is loosely linked to the subject of Belly Dancing as most of my sewing needs are related to same, and

2) It isn't likely to get particularly large - it isn't a saga like the piano has become, or as my dancing has been. It exists mainly to help someone trying to figure out something about the sewing machines I'm addressing - and hopefully such that someone who encounters these pages who knows something I don't will Contact Me with some information!

3) If you're looking for SEWING MACHINE VALUES on the depicted machines, please READ THIS FIRST!

Therefore, I've made several sub-pages about what I've found out, and questions still remaining, about:

Curiosity about my Mother's American Beauty sewing machine which she used to make most of my childhood clothes.

The above machine turned out to be a Toyota TZ-17, so now I have one albeit with different badging.

Curiosity about the Montgomery Wards machine she replaced it with.

My White 690 sewing machine. This is my "main" machine.

The Singer #40 sewing cabinet I modified to fit the White.

Hey! I acquired a little, tiny Bell machine that uses full sized feet and needles!

Ok, so the "bug" has bit. Picked up a Singer 99K at a local antique faire.

I need help. Bought a Pfaff 776 Serger.

There's no hope: National Reversew "Rex".

My wife told me that if I brought home ONE MORE SEWING MACHINE, she was going to leave me.
I sure am going to miss that gal: Montgomery Wards Supreme Reversible Rotary Model 30.

The portable base I made for the above model 30.

My wife let me buy it: 1891 Singer VS2.

A charity refurbishment, I only had this one a short time *SOB!* : Kenmore 117.959, built by White.

My wife drug it home: National Expert B.T.

And I had to refinish the Expert B.T.'s cabinet and install a new LED sewing lite.

$10.50 on eBay with local pickup: Singer 185K.

Wife spotted it in a local Antique mall: Hand Crank Singer 15K in Oriental Cabinet.

A dance sister's modern Brother XR-4040 that needed some help!

A "Grail" machine that took me years to find: Sewmatic Chainstitcher.

Kenmore Model 158.16012.

Turn of 20th century Wartheim Class 12.

Rare as hen's teeth: National Model "D" Rotary.

Common as dirt, but very pretty: Singer 127 with Sphinx Decals from 1918.

I've even made a sewing machine eye candy page!

A few resources for the above machines.

Some tips for selling a sewing machine.

What's my machine worth?

Click on any Sewing Machine to return here. That's all folks!

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